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Ross: The street demonstrations every American supports

People wait in line to vote at Fenway Park, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020, in Boston. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

They stand in the streets. Quietly. No chanting. No signs. No violence. No looting.

They socially distance, and they look like they’re waiting.

Because they are. These are Americans lining up to vote.

At first I thought, this is ridiculous that in a first-world country anyone should have to wait in long voting lines … but then seeing the videos of all those people willing to wait as long as it takes, I realized it’s good we’re seeing this. Because this is the street demonstration that actually counts.

The early voting numbers are epic — 28 million people have already voted. Texas is leading with 3.9 million, California second with 3 million.

And I’ve heard that all these stories raising doubts about ballot-counting are supposed to suppress turnout, but what I’m seeing is 28 million Americans saying, let’s see you suppress this!

“We stood in line for about 45 minutes; everybody inside was very professional.”

“I voted within 24 hours of receiving my ballot because I want to make sure it gets counted.”

“We put our chairs out, we had coffee, and we sat and talked until they opened up.”

“It makes you feel good.”

“I never voted this early before.”

“I voted! At Fenway Park!”

They sound like people camping out in a movie line: Ballot Wars – The Force Awakens … By the way, it opens Monday in Alaska and Arkansas, Tuesday in North Dakota, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Utah, and Wednesday in West Virginia. And be ready for your three seconds of fame:

“I voted!”

Well done!

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