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Question for Kamala: Are names ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Washington’ acceptable for schools?

An aerial drone view of George Washington High School. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

San Francisco’s School Board has ordered 44 schools to settle on new names by December 18, replacing historic figures they have associated with racism, abuse of women or the environment, exploitation of workers, and hostility to queer or transgendered populations.

Washington High School and Jefferson Elementary must go, of course, along with Roosevelt Middle School and Paul Revere K-8. Lincoln High School also makes the dishonor roll, because of Abe’s alleged crimes against Native Americans — though he commuted 1862 death sentences for 264 Lakota warriors who had slaughtered 800 civilians.

Even Dianne Feinstein Elementary demands a change because, as mayor, she replaced a vandalized Confederate flag in a historic city hall display. The mid-pandemic timing of this staggering stupidity has outraged Mayor London Breed and it’s appropriate to demand Kamala Harris take a stand on this controversy roiling her home base.

Would she dare support similar insanity on a national scale?

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