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Even on political sitcoms, entertainment, not politics, comes first

One of the Amazon original shows that’s been gaining steam over the past year is “Alpha House.” Its second season was released this week.

The show, about four Senators who live together in Washington D.C., is “a pretty sturdy premise,” jokes the show’s producer, legendary cartoonist Garry Trudeau.

In “Alpha House” Washington D.C. (the setting) runs parallel to Washington D.C. (the real world.) Obama is the president, and the characters face issues that aren’t unfamiliar to casual news consumers and voters.

Trudeau’s Doonesbury comic strip often leans towards serious political commentary, but he says the goal of the show is that “entertainment is always first.”

“If it’s about an issue or what’s going on politically, fine – but we’re out of business if we don’t entertain.”

Trudeau credits the show’s cast with providing the heart of the comedy. “These actors are unbelievable. They’re getting three laughs for every one laugh that’s on the page.”

You can stream all the episodes of Alpha House via Amazon Prime.

Listen to Dave Ross’ full interview with Garry Trudeau here:

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