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Ross: We can rise above the fatigue and exhaustion

A sign greets visitors outside the Curb Event Center at Belmont University as preparations take place for the second Presidential debate in Nashville, Tenn., during the coronavirus outbreak. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

“In this country there is a fatigue of COVID,” Dr. Fauci said. “We’ve been dealing with this now for almost nine months.”

But it’s not just COVID fatigue:

“There are a lot of voters who are exhausted by what they call ‘The Trump Show,’ the constant controversy, the churn, the turmoil, the who’s-in, the who’s-out; they find it to just be exhausting and distracting,” said Tony Dokoupil, co-anchor of CBS This Morning.

Heck – there’s even fatigue with social media!

“Rapper Cardi B has deleted her Twitter account. She’s … tired of being told what’s best for her from a bunch of 15 year olds.”

Don’t worry – she’s still on Instagram.

But we don’t need to give in to this. We can rise above the exhaustion, even if for just a moment.

I was talking with a speech therapist in West Virginia I happen to know who works with pre-schoolers, and one of her house calls brought her to a home with a Trump sign in the front yard – not uncommon in West Virginia. She goes in with a mask as required, but the mom says, “you don’t have to wear the mask.” Therapist explains she’s required to and proceeds with the visit, no problem – and then on the next visit the following week, the therapist walks in and THIS time the mom asks, “Would you feel better if *I* wore a mask?”

And I heard that story and I said, look how easy that was! That’s how it’s supposed to work.

All of us are sick and tired. But a little courtesy on each side – and nobody’s mic need be cut off.

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