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What are you grateful for? Gee & Ursula listeners sound off

The view from the National Weather Service's Seattle area headquarters. (NWS Seattle)

What has someone recently done for you that you’re grateful for? It could be cup of coffee or a neighbor raking your leaves. Gee and Ursula opened the phones to KIRO Radio listeners to hear people’s stories.

Rita from Seattle called to praise the elder home community that she lives in, and their diligence with regards to COVID-19.

“I am an employee and a resident in a elder community, and our managers have done a fantastic job of keeping us virus free. We had an initial breakout way in the beginning of people who were sneaking and playing cards together. They got the virus, they were hospitalized. One almost died. That’s it. We’ve had no more breakouts, and our managers are wonderful with dignity and humor and respect,” she said.

“And they have kept every single employee through this whole time. Nobody lost their jobs.”

How do we bring the country together? Gee & Ursula listeners sound off

One listener texted in that she’s grateful to her husband for helping out as they deal with remote learning.

“I’m grateful for my husband, Kevin. We have four children, ages six, five, two, and seven months. He will take the younger two children for a car ride or do something else so that I can focus on the older two children while they’re logged onto evening class. I’m so grateful, especially after a long day at work.”

Ben in Kirkland is grateful for the friends that have lasted over the years.

“I want to say that I’m grateful for my friend group. As I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten smaller — love quantity over quality — and just the fact that we always reach out to each other,” he said. “Be kind to everyone, especially the people that can never say thank you.”

And one text came from a garbage truck driver whose has some familiar faces on his morning route.

“I worked for waste management, drive a garbage truck, and I am thankful for my little customers that wait on the porch for me to show up every week,” he said.

Listen to the rest of callers’ stories here.

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