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Help KIRO Radio and MOHAI Search for hidden radio history

The closets, attics and basements of America are hiding untold treasures of radio history. (Feliks Banel)

According to experts gathered last week at the Radio Preservation Task Force Conference at the Library of Congress, the closets, attics and basements of America are hiding untold treasures of radio history! Thus, KIRO Radio and MOHAI are working together to make sure that local radio history in the Northwest will be preserved.

But we need your help.

Do you have cassettes or reel-to-reel tapes of local radio programs in and around Seattle and Washington that you or a relative recorded off-the-air? Did you or one of your relatives work in local radio, and do you now have the vinyl discs, reel-to-reel tapes or cassettes that were saved from you or your relative’s radio career? KIRO Radio and the Museum of History & Industry want to know.

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KIRO and MOHAI are working to collect recordings of local radio from the 1930s to the more recent past. These recordings are a valuable part of our local history and they help scholars and researchers better understand our past. We’ll play the best of what we find on KIRO.

Please send an email to [email protected] and briefly describing what you have. If you’re not sure what you may have, tell us what you think you have or tell us about when the recordings were made and/or who they were made by. If you can, send a photo of the recordings. KIRO Radio’s Feliks Banel will respond to your email, and will work with curators at MOHAI to understand what material you have, and to help determine if they belong in the MOHAI collection.

Send your emails to: [email protected]

And thanks for helping save our audio history!