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Final presidential debate, Kristen Welker
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Gee & Ursula: The real star of the final presidential debate wasn’t either candidate

Moderator Kristen Welker prior to Thursday night's final presidential debate. (Getty Images)

Thursday night’s second and final presidential debate provided a discussion that was far more muted — both literally and figuratively — than the previous one. With a week and a half to go before Election Day, though, did it actually change anyone’s mind about who they are voting for?

KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula have their doubts.

KIRO Radio, KTTH hosts react to final Trump-Biden debate

“I don’t think anybody’s minds are changed — it went exactly how I thought it would go,” Gee said.

“I do think it was notable that President Trump behaved, unlike the other debate where it was a complete debacle. In this case, there was actually a debate, but I agree with you that I don’t think anyone’s mind was changed after last night,” Ursula agreed.

The second debate carried with it a new feature: a mute button. The mute button gave candidates two minutes to answer questions without interruptions while the other’s microphone was turned off.

With that new tool in hand, both Gee and Ursula agreed that the real star of the night’s events was moderator Kristen Welker.

“The real winner was Ms. Welker — she was amazing,” Gee said.

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“I thought she was able to keep control the whole time,” Ursula added. “She allowed for quick follow ups, and she was by far the best moderator. And if I had to be a betting person, I would say she’s going to move into more high profile positions at the network.”

With two debates now in the books, the decision falls to voters regarding who they’ll choose to be our next president on Nov. 3. Ballots in Washington state were sent out to last week, and have been flooding back into local election offices ever since.

You can find your closest ballot drop box here or track your ballot here.

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