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The KIRO Rundown: Law enforcement gears up for Election Night

(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

After a several month stretch of what felt like non-stop protests, local law enforcement agencies are drawing up plans for how to respond to whatever happens on Election Day.

We’re already seeing previews of what protesters clashing looks like. In Woodinville over the weekend, a Trump supporter pulled a gun on a counter-protester after they threw a liquid at him.

“You need to remember that something can very easily trigger somebody,” Ursula Reutin said. “Everyone just needs to chill out.”

Jack Stine, filling in for Dori Monson, tried to figure out how we’ve managed to maintain this level of intensity for this long.

“If you put people in a situation where they believe their livelihood is going to be taken away from them or their health care is going to be taken away from them,” Stine said, “They will react, they become reactive.”

Tom and John debated which segment of protesters are more prone to violence: the left or the right.

We end the show by hearing from someone we haven’t heard from in awhile.

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