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Ross: The wonderfulness of voting whether by mail or in person

People wait in long lines to vote outside of the Brooklyn Museum as early voting begins on Oct. 24, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

I know election interference happens, but the other part of the story is that for many millions of us, voting is going pretty well.

The only person who’s ever tried to change my vote is the person I live with. And really it’s not that she changes it, but rather helps me better understand which bubble I meant to color in.

In King County, here in Washington, we have 73 ballot drop boxes; our was less than a mile away. And no lines. So I was happy.

They make you sign that nasty statement on the envelope threatening you with jail for voting more than once, but the ballot had 39 bubbles to fill out so I wasn’t at all tempted.

Now, it was a little different for my sister in Westport in upstate New York – first-time ever having to wait in line for early voting; took her 50 minutes.

My other sister in the Bronx waited two hours without snacks OR a bathroom; she must have looked desperate because a poll worker came out and said, “you could come back another day.” But the family all texted her urging her to stick it out for her country because, as I reminded her, when the going gets tough, the tough hold it in …

Pro tip for those of you required to vote in person: Those absorbent briefs HAVE come a long way. Not nearly as bulky anymore. So – I’ll tell you what I told her. You’re an American, put on your Slimline Patriot Pants, and make yourself heard!

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