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Gym worker calls Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor ‘bad news’ in 911 tape

Seahawks Kam Chancellor was shopping for a gym when he was surprised to have the police called on him. (AP)


Police have released the recording of the 911 phone call from a gym employee who called the cops on Seahawks’ safety Kam Chancellor.

On the recording, the employee doesn’t appear to realize who the man is at the door of the gym. She describes him and his friends as “bad news” and speculated that the unknown individuals outside the building could be “homeless kids” or “heroin addicts.”

In the call, the employee reported to the 911 operator that five people &#8212 three black and two white &#8212 were trying to get into the closed building and were taking pictures. She told the operator that employees told the people multiple times to leave but they were “pounding on the doors” and possibly trying to break in.

The Seattle Times reported that police called the incident a “misunderstanding” and called their interaction with Chancellor “positive.”

In the wake of the incident on March 2, Redmond Mayor John Marchione reached out to Chancellor, via Twitter, with an apology for the negative experience in his town. The mayor offered to buy the Seahawk lunch.

The Seattle Times reports that the owner of the gym, Ryan Neal, has also reached out to Chancellor to discuss any sale of the gym.

Neal, however, has released a statement arguing that his employees acted properly when calling 911. He said that gym employees always “err on the side of caution,” and that the club has experienced attempted break-ins recently. He said that Redmond police agreed that his employees acted appropriately “given the situation.”


Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor had the police called on him Wednesday, but luckily, the incident seemingly ended with a laugh.

Chancellor said on Twitter that employees at a Redmond gym called the police on him as he was trying to get information about the location, which was closed at the time.

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He wrote that he peered into the front and asked employees on the inside for information. They responded by calling 911. According to Chancellor, they reported to police that he was trying to rob the place.

While calling it “the funniest thing” that happened to him, the strong safety did mention he was mad after the encounter.

Chancellor tweeted that he was at the Redmond Athletic Club. The gym went out of business at the end of February.

Chancellor is known for helping run a women’s boot camp when he’s not playing football.

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