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Fill the Stadium to Help Children in Crisis

Children like eight-year-old Shaniz from Kenya may not be the face of this pandemic, but experts say they risk being its biggest victims.

SPONSORED — Late 2020, stadiums around the world remain near empty. People are taking essential breaks from concerts, conventions and sporting events in comparison to any other year, a mere handful of fans will receive access to a live, in-person sports experience. Regardless, a group of current and former professional athletes, including former UW and Seahawks Quarterback Brock Huard, are asking us all to help them “fill a stadium,” a stadium of a different nature.

While the majority of us are confined to our homes with our loved ones, masking-up, disinfecting our work stations, home schooling, adapting, and finding ways to guide our own families through the many stresses of 2020, the need to serve the world’s most vulnerable remains. In fact, the need has escalated. This year has left children, worldwide, in need of necessary items such as food, medical care, clothing, and money for school. In fact, there are 70,000 in Compassion programs who need someone to stand in the gap for them – to put it in perspective, 70,000 is the average capacity of an NFL stadium.

To fill the gap, Huard, together with former NFL players Carson Palmer, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and active NFL players, Nick Foles, twin brothers Devin and Jason McCorty, Nate Solder, along with an impressive list of notable athletes from Pro Athletes Outreach are partnering with Compassion International. They are asking those who can, to go on the offense for these 70,000 children. Since April, the team has filled approximately 16,000 “seats” but the need remains.

Since beginning their mission in 1952, the Compassion International program has connected sponsor families with over 1.9 million children in need, relieving them from their struggles with poverty. The foundation continuously works to do more than supply children with food. They work to teach them about good hygiene and nutritious food, provide the children with proper medical care as well as educational assistance. Moreover, the children establish a long-standing relationship with Jesus Christ and God.

Nearly seven decades later, the global effect of COVID-19 could not have been predicted. Many parents and care givers are out of work and in the developing countries, food and necessary supplies are scarce. Meanwhile frontline church partners around the world are courageously delivering essential items to desperate children and families – often door to door.

With your help, we’re hoping to “fill each seat,” showing generous support for a stadium’s worth of children in crisis. To get in the game, and show your support for the ‘Fill the Stadium’ project, head to and join the team. Filling a seat, row, or section; any donation gets us closer to our goal and displays compassion in a year the world needs to see it most.

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