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The Rundown: The election that won’t end

Last episode I said that I was hoping we’d have an actual winner to declare. It seems we have one, but it still doesn’t feel like closure.

Donald Trump hasn’t conceded the 2020 election, even after the major media outlets declared Joe Biden the winner. What do the KIRO Radio hosts think?

Dori Monson laid out the pathway Trump still has, but he acknowledged it’s a long shot.

Dave Ross got Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Fahrenthold to weigh in on the same question.

Gee Scott compared the whole situation to another infamous moment of litigation (don’t want to give it away).

John Curley and Tom Tangney contrasted Trump’s situation with Al Gore’s in 2000.

Finally, we venture over to KTTH to see if those hosts think Trump’s situation is any less dire than the KIRO hosts made it out to be.

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