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Georgia ballot audit
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Ross: A bad day for a local Georgia county election director

Officials sort ballots during an audit at the Floyd County administration building in Rome, Ga.(AP Photo/Ben Gray)

On Monday in Houston, another group suing over vote fraud decided to give up – no reason given. But hang on, because just as the whole rigged election thing seemed to be fizzling out, elections officials in Floyd County, Georgia – a pro-Trump area – reported discovering 2,600 uncounted ballots.

They weren’t found in a post office, or behind a dumpster, or in Giuliani’s luggage, because the ballots weren’t mailed, and they weren’t actually lost! They were cast in person. The problem was that the memory card where the data from those ballots was stored wasn’t uploaded as it should have been.

No Russian sabotage, no anarchists running around with sharpies, it was human error. And it was caught because voting officials in Floyd County do what voting officials in every county do – they run an audit.

They check to make sure that the number of voters who got ballots matches the number of ballots counted. In this case it was way off. So, they went back, found the problem, tallied the votes, and as a result, Trump is now 778 votes closer to Biden in Georgia.

A bad day for the local director of elections, but a good day for Trump.

Because Georgia has 158 other counties – if Trump picks up just 85 more votes than Biden in each of them – well, he still loses, but he wins in Georgia! No lawsuits required.

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