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Fahrenthold: Trump has produced ‘comedy of errors’ in election challenges

In this Nov. 13, 2020, file photo Cobb County election officials sort ballots during an audit in Marietta, Ga. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross told Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold that he’s trying to decide how angry to be. As Trump has been submitting election challenges, Ross describes it as a form of presidential sulking, which is his right, but it has taken the form of preventing the Biden team from consulting with the Trump team on things like intelligence, national security, and a coronavirus strategy.

“You’re right. President Trump, for no reason — I mean, no actual reason other than his own feelings — has prevented the GSA, the government agency that would sort of certify Biden as the president elect for the purposes of cooperation, he stopped them from doing that,” Fahrenthold said. “So there’s no briefings for Biden on national security, intelligence, the virus, anything. … Actually, Biden said yesterday that he is less informed than Kamala Harris, who is a sitting senator.”

“There’s no reason for Trump to do this other than just to make him feel better, and it lets him preserve the illusion that he might not have lost the election,” he added.

Ross asked if it’s illegal for vice president-elect Senator Harris to just whisper the intel to Biden?

“I think the bigger problem is that Kamala Harris is getting the same level of intelligence that a president or an incoming president would,” Fahrenthold said. “There are some things, presumably, that they don’t even tell senators.”

As far as the president’s legal challenges in the election, Fahrenthold referred to it as “a comedy of errors.”

“The president’s legal team has been pursuing challenges in a whole bunch of different states, but so far they have not succeeded in taking a single vote away from Biden or giving a single vote to Donald Trump,” he said. “Many of them have been thrown out of court. He produced this sort of, like I said, comedy of errors in the courtrooms where judges are often baffled by what the Trump campaign is doing, what they’re asking, the logic they’re presenting, the lack of evidence they’re presenting, and that doesn’t seem to be going any better today.”

Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania resigned, Fahrenthold said, so his new lawyer is “sort of an off brand lawyer” in Harrisburg, alongside his main lawyer is Rudy Giuliani, who has not been part of any federal case since 1992.

Listen to the full interview below:

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