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Trump, White House departure
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Ross: What will Trump’s White House departure actually look like?

A banner hung from the fence surrounding the White House in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

Republicans on two House committees are demanding immediate hearings into what they describe as “errors and misconduct” in the 2020 election because time is running out and, so far, the evidence of fraud has persuaded plenty of Fox News hosts, but zero judges.

Here in Washington, I asked the Republican leader of our state Senate if he’d seen anything suspicious.

“In my part of the world, I haven’t seen anything that troubled me, except my sister’s voter registration,” state Sen. Mark Schoesler said.

Turns out a computer had mistakenly kicked her off the rolls. It was corrected.

Then I asked our former Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna. He asked why Republicans would claim fraud, considering the many local elections Republicans won.

“The idea that the election was rigged but somehow the only victim of the rigging was Trump, but that all the Republicans that were elected were legitimately elected?” McKenna said.

It makes no sense.

And so, I’m left to conclude that there is a very real danger that the discrepancies in the 2020 election will turn out to be human error, and that the president will be leaving the White House. The only real question among Republicans is what that departure might look like.

“So, I’ve been joking with a couple of friends of mine that we should start a betting pool on whether they should send in the secret service or the FBI hostage rescue team,” McKenna noted.

How fleeting power can be.

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