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Girls Scouts say no cookie sales outside Washington pot shops

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington prohibits Scouts from selling cookies outside of any place deemed unsafe, including marijuana dispensaries. (AP file)

It might seem like the perfect place, but the Girl Scouts of Western Washington says its members won’t be selling their iconic cookies outside pot shops.

The issue is getting plenty of buzz after a Girl Scout drew national attention for successfully setting up shop outside a San Francisco medical marijuana clinic earlier this week. Danielle Lei, 13, sold 117 boxes outside the clinic to hungry cannabis consumers in just two hours, Mashable reported.

Even though recreational marijuana is now legal in Washington state and dispensaries have been in operation for years, you won’t be seeing Scouts selling Thin Mints to stoners here.

“We ask volunteers, parents and girls to keep in mind certain locations aren’t suitable,” says Kate Dave with Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

Each local Girl Scouts council sets its own rules, and Girl Scouts of Western Washington prohibits sales at any location deemed potentially unsafe including bars, liquor stores, gun shows, casinos and marijuana dispensaries. Girl Scouts of Colorado, the other state to legalize marijuana, have the same policy.

“We really err on the side of caution. The safety of our girls is our paramount concern and that’s what all of our policies are really directed toward,” Dave says.

But the Girl Scouts of Northern California have no such restrictions, leaving the decision up to girls and their parents. And sales outside the dispensary were so profitable for Danielle, she plans to set up shop again this weekend outside the pot shop, with her mother’s blessing.

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