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Voter fraud proof
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Ross: Trump legal team continues to fail at producing proof of voter fraud

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, speaks during a news conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Trump’s vote fraud crusader, Rudy Giuliani, held a news conference Thursday to present evidence – including a signed affidavit – that significant numbers of voters voted twice.

He said this was being covered up by the media. Of course, nothing can be covered up by the media – I did a search on the words “vote” and “twice,” and in about half a second a link to a video popped up from a guy in Philadelphia.

“I can attest to this right now, and anybody wants to argue this fact, I’m ready. Because I just voted twice — I just voted twice,” the man claimed.

And he holds up his voting receipt.

Well, I’m sure there are thousands of Americans who did this, because they were told to…

“Send it in early and then go in and vote, and if it’s not tabulated, you vote, and the vote is going to count,” Trump said prior to the election.

But as the president mentioned, you don’t really vote twice. You get a provisional ballot, which is tossed if your mail-in vote was already counted.

The receipt held up by the guy in the video clearly says “provisional ballot.” The receipt number is also clear: It’s 510-263-416.

I posted the screengrab on Twitter. So, if he already legally voted, that provisional vote won’t count.

Unless he figured out how to game the system, in which case he’s just confessed to a felony. And if a prosecutor finds that video, he won’t be voting again.

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