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Seattle Police Department reports no arrests despite record Seahawks parade crowd

The Seattle Police Department says no one was arrested and there were no significant incidents during Wednesday's parade. (AP image)

Despite a record crowd, the Seattle Police Department says there were no arrests or significant incidents during Wednesday’s Seahawks Super Bowl celebration downtown.

“We definitely want to thank the fans and we’re just really pleased with how well everything went today,” says Detective Renee Witt.

The SPD was prepared, calling in all available officers and partnering with other agencies including the Washington State Patrol, King and Pierce County Sheriff’s Departments and a number of other local departments.

“There were so many entities that were involved and we appreciate their help,” Witt says.

The only reported problems were people climbing on street signs, lamp poles or other structures to get a better view. But Witt says luckily no one was injured and nothing got out of hand. And she says it was vindication for both the city and the department that Seattle can handle such a large event without incident.

“We now know again that this is something we can do and it was a lot of fun for our officers and the fans,” she says.

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