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Gov. Jay Inslee, climate change
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Gov. Inslee unveils plan to use fight against climate change to grow WA economy

Gov. Jay Inslee. (TVW)

Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled his plan to fight climate change between 2021 and 2023 on Tuesday, encompassing an expansive proposed bill, and funding for a series of programs.

Inslee hopes to have the state Legislature pass what he’s calling the Climate Commitment Act, which would cap greenhouse gas emissions in Washington, use funds from emission allowances to invest in clean transportation, focus on environmental justice and equity, and more.

“By attacking carbon pollution, we will honor all those basic values of the state of Washington, including growing our economy big-time,” Inslee said Tuesday. “We need to move forward with these strong steps if we’re going to meet our moral obligation to our children and grandchildren.”

The governor’s proposal would also invest $100 million “in projects that provide a public benefit through development, demonstration, and deployment of clean energy technologies.”

That would include $15 million for “grid modernization projects,” another $15 million for research into “new and emerging clean energy technologies,” $20 million for electrifying transportation systems, $20 million for clean buildings, $20 million in nonprofit grants, $5 million for electrifying sea vessels, and $5 million for bioenergy projects.

You can read more details on Gov. Inslee’s comprehensive climate plan here.

Inslee unveiled a proposed program Monday to help “eliminate racial disparities” in Washington.

“These proposals begin the long process of tackling inequities that have plagued this state and country since our inception,” Inslee said Monday.

Inslee said he plans to release his proposed 2021 budget by mid-December.

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