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Men’s body spray sends people fleeing from Seattle church, daycare

A can of Axe body spray has been blamed for an incident where fire crews evacuated a church and daycare center and called in a hazmat team. (Mostafa Shaalan, Flickr)


While commercials for this body fragrance imply people will be drawn to the user, this encounter with the deodorant had people fleeing a building in Seattle on Friday.

A can of Axe body spray is being blamed for an incident that had the Seattle Fire Department evacuating a University District church and daycare center, and calling in a hazmat team.

A backpack left in a bathroom was giving off “cough inducing fumes” on March 18, according to the Seattle Police Department. That prompted a call to 911. After responding to the scene, fire crews called in a hazmat team to handle the noxious fumes.

After the church building was evacuated, and a neighboring daycare, and the surrounding streets were blocked off, the team ventured into the fume-filled bathroom.

It didn’t take long, however, for the team to identify the source of the offending vapors. The can of Axe body spray was found to be malfunctioning and continuously giving off the fumes.

Original story

Seattle firefighters evacuated a church and a daycare in the U-District while investigating a “suspicious item” Friday afternoon.

A hazmat team was called in to respond to the 4500 block of 16th Avenue NE. The fire department told residents to be cautious of the area.

But it didn’t take long for fire crews to determine the item was “non-hazardous.”

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