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Ross: Could the thrift stores please reopen?

A Value Village store is seen Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, in Edmonds, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

No big Christmas dinner for us again this year – our kids take care of it now because their home is where the grandkids are.

So no tree either. The ornaments stayed in their boxes. The kids ask, why do you keep that old stuff? But you know why – it’s because we love you. And because nobody wants ornaments with the names of kids who aren’t theirs.

But also, because there are no garage sales allowed! And so many thrift stores are closed! We’re stuck. And it’s not just the ornaments…

For some reason, our adult children show very little interest in the priceless tea cup collection we inherited from OUR parents.

Also, they don’t seem to understand that everybody should have 10 place-settings of silverware that they will never use.

I’ll bet that right now there are enough silver spoons in this country for EVERY American to be born with one in their mouth – and yet … I see videos of them being repurposed as wind chimes!

There’s always someone happy enough to take your car – provided it’s car with a “K” – but who’s gonna tow away the other stuff?

So next Christmas – assuming we ever get to hold dinner parties again – my generation needs to invite our kids’ generation over for a big, formal dinner, and then after dessert, raise a toast:

“Merry Christmas to all – have a good winter’s sleep —

The knives, forks, and teacups are all yours to keep!”

Please take them now. Spoons, too. We also have some extra wind chimes you can have.

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