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3 Ways to Improve your Home’s Interior AND Exterior

SPONSORED — It would be an understatement to say that home improvement took on an entirely new level of significance in 2020. For some homeowners, projects that would have normally been set on the backburner for family vacations, special events, and new vehicles took precedence. Or, for some, projects that went unnoticed could no longer hide from families working from home, learning from home, and spending countless hours, at home. Never before, or at least in recent history, has one’s living space meant as much as it has this year. Start increasing your home’s value by opting in to these 3 upgrades for your home’s interior and exterior.

Patio Doors

Throughout the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, more than 76% of homeowners have opted in to upgrading their homes. To dive in a little deeper, researchers found that 11% of homeowners reasoned that revamping their home during the stay-at-home order was to improve their home’s energy efficiency. So where can you start saving? It is as simple as investing into your back patio glass doors. Taking up a great deal of space in your home’s layout, the latest sliding glass door models were developed with energy-saving improvements in mind and frame-seal construction to eliminate that winter chill draft. Choosing which construct and eco-friendly design is the right choice for you can often times be overwhelming and confusing. Lake Washington Windows and Doors, a local business dedicated to supplying Western Washington, is here to guide you through every step of the way. Their experienced team is Andersen window certified and skilled to modernize your patio space by implementing a new patio door system to refine your home.

Front Doors

Taking in plenty of wear and tear year after year, your front door is constantly trying to keep up with your fast paced lifestyle and wet weather conditions. Infamous for the constant drizzle, western Washington home owners can be susceptible to warping in their classic wood doors over time. Serving as a paramount feature to your home, having a distorted door could be an eye sore and even a security threat. Avoid the unthinkable and make the switch to a fiberglass front door today. Durability, energy efficient, and noise depleting; why wouldn’t you choose to upgrade your home with a fiberglass door addition? With low-maintenance and easy modification, fiberglass doors will help modernize the look of your home and boost its curb appeal. Increase your home’s value immensely by working with the Lake Washington Windows and Doors team to find your ideal door model. Stay on top of your entry door’s condition and opt in to renovate now.


With a yearly average of 152 days of sunshine in western Washington, it is extremely important for locals to take advantage of every sunny day. If you can’t get outdoors then add new windows to your indoors. After a year confined to our households for our own safety, natural lighting has never been more important for our mental and physical health. Natural light has the power to boost our moods, increases our vitamin D intake and even improves our sleep experience. Most importantly, adding more natural lighting to your life helps decrease the negative health effects florescent lighting can cause. Lake Washington Windows and Doors is here to help you with your home improvement needs. With their extensive window stock, their experts can help you find the best fit for your new window. You can always schedule your free estimated visit today with Lake Washington virtually or in-home here.

Installing new window systems during the pandemic made up about 15% of the most common home improvement projects. Replacing the windows in your home could not only enhance the overall look, but save you money in the long run. Lake Washington Windows and Doors, is here to match the booming trend by offering the best investment with free estimates and savings at the right price. Start checking off your renovation checklist one by one and schedule your free consultation with Lake Washington Windows and Doors today.

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