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Porsche prejudice: John Curley says he was singled out

John Curley says a neighbor called in a parking complaint against this classic Porsche on back-to-back days. (John Curley/KIRO Radio)

On back-to-back days, KIRO Radio’s John Curley found parking tickets stuffed under the windshield wipers of his 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa.

But, since he’d parked in an area with no sign or paint dissuading him from the spot, he took pictures and took the battle to court.

“It’s about the principle of the thing,” Curley said. “It’s not about the $47 ticket.”

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Curley says he explained his argument to the judge, who countered that, in Washington, drivers must give space five feet in front, and five feet the back so drivers can get in and out of driveways.

“Then … he explains to me that this was not done by a meter maid; this was called into the city by a neighbor,” Curley said.

Meanwhile, Curley says lesser cars parked in the same spot aren’t getting any tickets.

“The neighbor only has a problem with my car,” Curley said. “And that’s the prejudice people who drive classic Porche’s face every single day.”

“I know, I weep for you on a daily basis,” Tom Tangney responded.

“The good thing: the judge knocked both of them out and then he turns off the recorder and says, ‘That looks like a really cool car,’ Curley said happily. “SWEET JUSTICE!”

“BIAS, BIAS!” Tom responded.

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