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Who will Adam Smith give his superdelegate vote to: Clinton or Sanders?

Democratic Congressman Adam Smith has superdelegate vote to use in the current presidential caucus and no matter how Washington state votes, he has pledged it to Hillary Clinton. (AP)

One Congress member already knows who he is giving his superdelegate vote to, and, unlike many Democrats in Washington, it isn’t the candidate from Brooklyn.

Adam Smith, who represents Washington’s 9th District, says no matter how Washington state’s Democrats vote in the March 26 caucus &#8212 Washington has been touted as having strong Bernie Sanders support &#8212 Smith has decided he will give his superdelegate vote to Hillary Clinton.

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Why? Two words: foreign policy.

For Smith, especially in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Clinton has the experience and skills needed to take on the job &#8212 more than any candidate in any party.

“Nobody really understands that comprehensive (foreign) strategy better than Hillary,” Smith told KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz. “Bernie Sanders has not paid much attention to foreign policy. He’s not been that actively engaged in national security matters. His economic justice argument is spot on and I think that is really important, but when it comes to national security &#8212 Hillary Clinton has been the United States senator, she’s been secretary of state, and has also been an actively-involved first lady to a president.”

“She’s been through all this,” he continued. “There’s nobody in the field who better understands the ideological threat we face than Secretary Clinton. When it comes to national security, there is nobody better positioned to lead us.”

Smith is quick to point out that another factor in his vote for Clinton is how much better of an option she is, in his view, than any candidate the Republican’s are currently offering.

“On the Republican side, they want to do what ISIS wants &#8212 they want to start the clash of civilizations,” Smith said. “Obviously, Donald Trump is no less so than Ted Cruz when it comes to that &#8212 even more so.”

“(Trump) is willing to torture, he’s willing to bomb, he’s willing to ban all Muslims from the country,” he said. “He’s like, ‘Alright, World War III &#8212 let’s go!’ I don’t think that’s a smart approach and will lead to a lot more death and danger for westerners everywhere.

Smith also discusses the recent attacks in Brussels and other topics in his full interview with Rantz.

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