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The history of white Christmases in Seattle

2008 was the most recent snowfall on Christmas Day and it was embedded in an extended cold and snowy weather period that started on Dec. 13 and ran through the end of the year. (Reader submitted photo)

What are the chances of a white Christmas in Seattle? Let’s look at Seattle weather going back to when records began in 1891, with records in downtown Seattle through 1944 and at Sea-Tac Airport from 1945 to present.

Snow has fallen on Christmas Day only a limited number of times over the last 133 years.

They include:

1) 1909 1.8 inches
2) 1915 0.4 inches
3) 1944 0.2 inches
4) 1965 1.0 inches
5) 1990 0.8 inches
6) 2007 0.9 inches
7) 2008 0.4 inches
8) 2017 1.6 inches

There has been snowfall on only about 6% of Christmas Days over the 133 year record. 2017 was the most recent snowfall on Christmas Day.

Will it snow on Christmas Day this year? The forecast is for a relatively dry day on Christmas with high temperatures close to seasonal averages – in the 40s.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Most of these statistics were compiled by NWS Seattle staff member Dana Felton.

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