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Gary Locke for president?

Former Washington Governor Gary Locke may be a top contender for the a Democratic presidential nominee if Hillary Clinton doesn't run. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

There’s been talk that Gary Locke might be a top candidate for vice president on a Hillary ticket, but now rumors are apparently swirling around the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton won’t run.

“This is truly, truly trending in the Democrat world – that Hillary won’t run. In which case, Gary Locke would not be just a vice presidential possibility,” says 770 KTTH host Michael Medved.

If Hillary doesn’t run, Medved says it really opens up the field for people like Locke.

“He’s a two-term governor, successful two-term governor here, commerce secretary and ambassador to China,” says Medved. “And he doesn’t scare people.”

There are still other top contenders should Hillary not go for the office, Medved points out. He notes Vegas odds-makers are predicting Elizabeth Warren as the favorite.

But Locke has a great looking resume, Medved says.

“He has governmental experience, administrative experience on the federal level, on the state level and on the local level, the county level. That’s kind of impressive.”

770 KTTH host David Boze agrees adding that Locke’s family could also help his chances.

“He’s got an adorable family. Mona Locke is really beautiful. He’s got wonderful kids, picture-perfect family.”

Locke, currently serving as U.S. ambassador to China, announced in November he plans to step down from that post early next year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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