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Added security to remain at capitol in Olympia as National Guard scales back presence

Washington State Patrol and the National Guard at the Olympia Capitol. (Getty Images)

Additional security measures will remain at the state capitol building in Olympia for the foreseeable future, despite a slight “drawdown” of personnel beginning Friday.

State patrol, National Guard set up extra security in Olympia

Gov. Inslee made the announcement Thursday, stating that “there will be long-term additional security measures in place” in the weeks to come. That includes the ongoing presence of Washington State Patrol troopers. Newly-installed fencing surrounding the capitol will also remain in place.

Meanwhile, the National Guard will begin to reduce its own presence, and “is in the process of ending their current mission” as of Friday.

“The Washington State Patrol and the Guard have served our state well in these dangerous and unprecedented times,” Inslee said. “I am certain their presence and other security measures are among the primary reasons we have enjoyed relative calm for the past two weeks.”

Lawmakers, protesters prepare for legislative session in Olympia

Added security was first installed in Olympia in the wake of the siege on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. All 50 states fielded warnings from the FBI of threats to capitol buildings in the wake of that attack.

Despite those concerns, things were quiet in Olympia in the days to follow, short of two arrests made for failing to comply with a lawful order after attempting to enter the restricted area. One of the two people arrested was also determined to have been one of the people that breached a gate at the governor’s mansion on Jan. 6.

Moving forward, the West Campus of Olympia’s capitol will remain a restricted area. Demonstrations will be permitted in unrestricted areas.

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