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Socialist Kshama Sawant stands up Dori Monson Show

Kshama Sawant apparently is too busy to come on KIRO Radio's Dori Monson Show. (Image courtesy Facebook - Kshama Sawant)

Taken from Friday’s The Dori Monson Show.

Seattle once again is considered by most of the country to be a laughing stock because we have now officially elected a Socialist to the Seattle City Council.

Kshama Sawant upped her lead Thursday night. The vote dump that came in seems to ensure she will defeat the incumbent Richard Conlin.

I’ve seen a bunch of media interviews with her, and what I’ve seen is a bunch of little, wussy media people. Every interview, it’s like oh this is so trendy, Seattle’s elected a socialist, we’re going to give her all kinds of softball questions. That’s all she’s gotten in all the interviews that I’ve seen is just fawning media attention over socialism coming to Seattle.

So on Thursday, she’s in the building doing interviews with the Tom and Curley Show and with Dave Ross, and as soon as she’s done with those, I go in, I introduce myself, I say, hey you have five more minutes? She said her ride was there but she directed me to someone to set up an interview. We called, and thought we were set to record with Kshama at 11:15 on Friday.

I call at 11:15, no Kshama. Call at 11:20 nothing, 11:25, 11:45 nothing. Jake finds out later she is too busy to do our show. Likely, because we are going to be the one media outlet, the only media outlet, that doesn’t fall all over the adorability of Seattle electing a Socialist.

There were a few things I wanted to talk to her about including some of the sound bites we have of her from a rally last summer where she talked about how Capitalists, of which I consider myself one, every one of you who owns a business, or embraces Capitalist ideals we found out from our newest city councilmember that we are all criminals.

“The bankers, the billionaires, the Capitalists, they are the criminals of our society. They are amounting unimaginable wealth by exploiting the rest of us and maintaining their power by dividing us,” said Sawant at the rally.

I wanted to ask her why she thinks I’m a criminal. I also wanted to ask her about what sounds to be her dripping contempt for police officers.

“Racial profiling did not just happen for Trayvon. Racial profiling does not just happen in Florida. Racial profiling is happening right here in Seattle. It is our job to recognize that the police department represents the interests of the very wealthy who want to maintain massive inequality. They are defending the very system that oppresses us, people of color, young people and the poor,” Sawant also said at the rally.

Since Kshama wouldn’t come on to discuss these comments, I want to hear from you.

If you are one of these criminal Capitalists, I’d like to know what you think about having somebody who is on the city council who believes that you are a criminal.

Cops, you all apparently represent the most oppressive force in society that wants to keep down the poor. Is that an accurate representation of you, your world view as a cop, your profession?

Also socialists, because I’m obsessed with fairness, so much so that I’ve tried to get the speaker of these comments for two days to come on now so I can ask her about them, but since she refuses to, if you are a supporter and defender of those statements, call or write in and defend those comments.

Here’s what you had to say:

Small town cop writes…

Dori thank you for having the brass to take on Kshama Sawant. Regarding the cop issue, I work for a small police department north of Seattle. We have 30,000 residents and only two patrol guys, and one sergeant on duty at any one time. I am so sick to my stomach of people like Sawant. They are the most racist people ever. I am tired of being called a racist and being trashed every day by people like this. I work 12 hour days. I work on holidays. My family suffers for my sacrifices due to the nature of my work. I work so hard to treat people with respect regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle. Police in this country have been vilified for just doing their job. I’ve lost friends. I’ve almost been killed on the job and all for little thanks and little pay. Please stick up for us. We’re being socially stomped on in today’s world. I’m tired of it.

Amanda in Seattle writes…

Hey Dori, my vote for Ms. Sawant was NOT a joke, and I am sure none of the others were either. We are sick of businesses and corporations, who are growing and growing, reaping more and more benefits, and keeping it ALL for themselves, knowing full well that they couldn’t be successful without these so-called expendable workers. You have NEVER addressed the issue of the 30 plus years of STAGNANT wages… even though corporate profits are at an all time high. I DARE you to… And I know you won’t.

Kevin in Seattle writes…

The problem isn’t that people think voting for Sawant is a joke. It’s that the average Seattleite thinks that VOTING is a joke. The resulting low turnouts allow the disaffected few to elect a fringe candidate like Sawant. It’s absoultely frightening.

Janice in Port Orchard writes…

I have always loved this quote from Margeret Thatcher: “One problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”

Let us know how you feel about all this in the comments.

Taken from Friday’s The Dori Monson Show.


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