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Did Marshawn Lynch give own bench the bird over play call?

Marshawn Lynch appeared to make an obscene gesture to his own bench after offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell called a pass play instead of giving him the ball at the goal line Thursday night against the Cardinals. (Screen capture via Reddit)

How much does Beast Mode want the ball? Apparently enough to make an obscene gesture at his own sideline when the Seahawks called a goal line pass instead of letting Marshawn Lynch run it in.

That’s the speculation anyway the day after the Seahawks 34-22 trouncing of Cardinals Thursday night. A brief video clip going around the Internet posted by Reddit user Kookp1 appears to show Lynch give the finger to his bench after coming out of the huddle on 3rd-and-goal from inside the 1-yard line.

Rather than hand the ball to Lynch, the Seahawks instead ran a play-action pass, with Russell Wilson throwing to Kellen Davis for a touchdown.

It’s hard to tell from the quick clip whether Lynch is actually flipping the bird or not, but it’s making for some fun speculation.

There was no mention of it afterwards, and Lynch never speaks with the media, so we’ll likely never know the truth. Maybe we can get Richard Sherman to ask if Marshawn is mad.

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