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Eleven Garfield students expelled for mass hazing

The Seattle School District has temporarily banned 11 students from Garfield High School while it investigates a widely publicized hazing incident that involved over 100 students.

The “emergency expulsion” prohibits the 11 sophomores, juniors and seniors from campus and school activities during the investigation, said spokesperson Teresa Whipple.

“Basically we are just trying to piece together what happened and talking to other students about what they might know or what they saw,” Whipple said.”

The hazing incident first came to light last week. Garfield Principal Ted Howard and a school security officer learned of the gathering at the Washington Park Arboretum and found over 100 students participating. Some were drinking, wearing diapers, being pelted with eggs or being spanked with paddles. Howard reported in a letter to parents that he was also berated with racial slurs.

An investigation like this usually takes no more than ten days, according to Whipple.

“We are working on an individual basis, so if a student is cleared, they can get back to school right away.”

Once the investigation is complete, officials will determine punishments. They could range from being prevented to taking part in prom or graduation to suspension or expulsion. In the interim, the students are still able to do their school work and communicate with their teachers from home.

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