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Ross: Trying to get vaccine appointments under rock concert rules

Washington National Guard medic Caityln Smith administers a COVID-19 vaccine to a patient at Town Toyota Center on Jan. 26, 2021 in Wenatchee, Washington. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Remember back in December when we were all so relieved to be rid of 2020?

Well, here we are seven weeks into 2021, trying to get vaccine appointments. Under rock concert rules where you keep calling until the cosmos smiles on you. And it’s not just the one shot, you have to get two – and I heard Bill Gates say that with the mutations, maybe three!

“We might need something that takes this new shape of the spike protein, so you might need a third shot this year,” Gates said.

And the problem isn’t that we seniors were born when electricity came in pickle jars, I consider myself very tech savvy! I can cook both sides of a waffle simultaneously. However, at this point, not even Bill Gates is going to get a shot unless he buys the hospital.

Which is why I was so impressed by the story of Fran Goldman who lives in Sand Point here in Seattle, and who not only kept calling until she got her Sunday vaccine appointment, but when the big weekend snow dump blocked the roads, she decided, at age 90, to walk the six miles to Children’s Hospital and back, with her new hip!

This story is all over the place now … and it makes me look like an under-performing grandpa.

You’re an inspiration, Fran!

So, I will stop whining and try again. And if I can get that appointment, I’ll race you for the second dose.

Not so sure about the third though.

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