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Seattle homeless Denny Park
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Sweep of Denny Park encampment makes way for group to plan revitalization

Seattle homelessness has exploded, made worse by a Seattle City Council and Mayor's office that stay silent. This is at Denny Park in South Lake Union. (Photo: Jason Rantz/KTTH)

The city of Seattle will clear out the homeless camp at Denny Park on Wednesday, which has had a history of problems in recent weeks.

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There’s been too much crime and trash at the Denny Park encampment, according to the city, leading to public safety concerns.

Friends of Denny Park President Tim Gaydos told KTTH’s Jason Rantz that the cleanup is long past due. Gaydos says there have been dozens of emergency response calls to the camp since it set up last year.

“We’ve seen some sexual assaults, sex offenses, really … tough situations there that no one wants to see,” he said.

Outreach teams have been offering shelter to the park’s residents before the official sweep on Wednesday.

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Meanwhile, Gaydos says he has big plans to revitalize the scene.

“We’re already planning a lot of restoration to the park. And we’re planning on a whole spring and summer of really lively activation to help bring back the public aspect to Denny Park,” he said.

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