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White Mustache Urban Adventures: An escort service for foodies

A new service in Seattle might be a great tool for spicing things up if you've run out of exciting date ideas. (Image courtesy Facebook - White Mustache Urban Adventures)

A new service in Seattle might be a great tool for spicing things up if you’ve run out of exciting date ideas.

Bryce Lathrop’s White Mustache Urban Adventure service will take care of all the planning (and driving) for an exciting evening out on an individualized culinary tour of Seattle.

There’s no need to peruse Yelp or make guesses about where to take your lady or fella for dinner, Lathrop has done all the investigative work for you.

“When I first started, I just cut the city into grids and ate my way through each grid and kept an Excel spreadsheet as places opened up,” he says.

Lathrop tells KIRO Radio’s Let’s Eat he begins by asking questions regarding your dining habits so he can cater the food to your tastes. He asks where you live, where you typically eat out, where you go for special occasions. He then uses this information to put together a multiple-stop dining experience, hopefully full of flavors the guests have never experienced.

“It’s usually places they’ve not heard of or have not been to before,” says Lathrop.

Not only does he plan the dinner stops, Lathrop also takes care of the driving and picks up the bill at the end.

“While they’re busy eating and drinking, I sneak off to the side and hand out my credit card and pay for the bill and tip the staff.”

This move impresses Let’s Eat host Providence Cicero.

“This is how royalty does it. You don’t even have to have cash on you,” says Providence.

And the rate doesn’t increase based on how much you eat or drink. Lathrop covers the bills and charges a flat flee, typically $100 an hour for all the services he provides.

If you have special needs, Lathrop has also been known to accommodate.

“I helped a couple propose up at Volunteer Park during the tour. I went to Volunteer Park Café and hid their wedding ring inside a picnic basket,” he says.

As for his performance record, Lathrop says about a half dozen of the guys that turned to him after running out of date ideas are now married.

Let’s Eat airs on KIRO Radio Saturdays at 4 p.m. and Sundays at noon. Listen anytime ON DEMAND at

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