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Seattle is America’s most ‘chill city’

A new ranking says Seattle is America's most "chill" city when it comes to escaping summer swelter. ( Photo/Alyssa Kleven)

While much of the nation has been sweltering in the summer heat, our weather continues to be nothing short of delightful. So it’s little wonder Seattle tops a new list of the country’s most “chill cities.”

The rankings by Sperling’s BestPlaces says Seattle is the best of America’s big cities based on daily high temperatures, humidity, and nighttime low temperatures.

“So how ‘chill’ is summer in Seattle? At the time, I’m writing this post (July 18th), Seattle has had only one day in excess of 90 degrees so far this year, and is forecast to end the month of July without any measurable rainfall for the month,” writes Bert Sperling, who regularly ranks best places to live, work, retire, or play. “Summers in the Pacific Northwest are probably the most pleasant in the U.S., and even the rain stays away, sometimes for a month or more at a stretch.”

A number of areas in Western Washington make Sperling’s overall list, including Mount Vernon/Anacortes at #4. Olympia ranked 8th, Bellingham came in at #11, and Longview ranked 17th.

“Of the 50 largest metro areas in the United States, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco have the most comfortable summers, with mild temperatures, cool nights and humidity so low it’s barely noticeable,” said Sperling.

On the other end of the scale, Sperling tabs Phoenix, Dallas, and Las Vegas as the most sweltering summer spots (little surprise.)

Here’s the top 10 list of “chill cities”:

1. Seattle

2. Portland, Ore.

3. San Francisco

4. Denver

5. San Jose

6. Buffalo, N.Y.

7. Salt Lake City

8. Milwaukee

9. Detroit

10. Pittsburgh

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