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Curley: Local woman sells home for $100,000 above asking price

SPONSORED — “I feel so blessed”, Susan Little said three times when describing the sale of her home in Edmonds, Washington with the help of realtor Jarrett Coulson from Every Door Real Estate.

Susan considers herself an experienced homebuyer because of several real estate transactions in her lifetime. However, she could tell right away the value Every Door Real Estate offered was far and away greater than any agent she had previously worked with. The personal touch was there as well, “Jarrett was so kind and thoughtful. He really cares about my home and making it look great,” Susan beamed.

On a sunny winter day in Edmonds the drone hovered high above her property and got the picture perfect postcard shot. Meanwhile, the interior of Susan’s home gleamed with the virtual staging touch Every Door offered. “They really made my place look it’s best. It was all over the internet. It shined!” Susan explained with a slight sigh of relief.

In today’s blazing hot housing market, properties routinely receive multiple offers and for someone like Susan, a self-described worrier, it would have been easy to be overwhelmed.

But Jarrett and Every Door steadily guided her through the onslaught of possible buyers “My house looked so great and I was getting tons of offers. It was crazy. I had no idea what I could possibly expect. I was kind of shocked.” Susan laughed. Jarrett and Every Door studied all offers and sorted through the mad rush of phone calls and text messages to find the right buyer for Susan.

“He kept in touch with me all the time and explained different strategies we could use to move the offers up even higher.” Susan said of Every Door Real Estate’s Jarrett Coulson. Within a week Susan’s home sold for $100,000 more then she could have imagined. “I get so stressed with things like this I could never have done it without Jarrett there for me.”

Susan now joins the other thousands of home buyers and sellers who have experienced the difference that makes Every Door Real Estate the number one real estate team in the Northwest.

If you are thinking about listing your home and have questions about the process, market, or simply want to consult a resource, visit Every Door Real Estate’s brokers are local expert leaders at selling homes.

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