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Gov. Jay Inslee speaking Monday on surges of violence against Asian-American communities across the nation.
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Todd Herman Show Notes: 3.23.2021

Gov. Jay Inslee speaking Monday on surges of violence against Asian-American communities across the nation. (KIRO 7 TV)


WATCH: Jay Inslee did a press conference about “standing up to hate.”

WATCH: Before he was killed by officers, an activist described shooting a Trump supporter in Portland as ‘like the beginning of a war’

WATCH: MSNBC Touts Extremist Far-Left Militia That Wants to Secede From U.S

WATCH: WH’s Jen Psaki Gets Destroyed by Doocy, Colleagues on Biden’s Border Crisis

READ: West Virginia just passed a law enabling parents to take their children to the school of their choice.

WATCH: Dem Rep. Lee Blames Trump for Atlanta Shootings: ‘His Agenda Was Based on White Supremacy’

READ: The last year Drew Breeze played in the NFL, he wore Jacob Blake’s name on his helmet.

READ: Police Now Involved After 12 Women File Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits Against Deshaun Watson

WATCH: Right-wing comedian Leo Kearse says “straight white men” could be a new underclass if they end up as the only non protected group in legislation.

WATCH: Rep. Stauber Slams Dems for Blocking Effort to Allow DHS to Deport Green Card Applicants with Criminal Records



WATCH:  CNN’s Kayyem: ‘Are We Facing a Spring and Summer of Mass Casualty Events’

LISTEN:  Washington property manager says many are choosing to sell due to eviction moratorium

READ: Cigna’s critical race theory training: Don’t say ‘brown bag lunch’ and be mindful of ‘religious privilege

WATCH:  Today’s #London protest appears to be the largest anti-lockdown demonstration so far in UK.

READ: Police give grandmother, 82, a warning after she enjoyed a cup of TEA with a neighbour in their shared garden during lockdown

WATCH: John Solomon and Jenna Ellis discuss the irregularities seen during the 2020 election

READ: Some U.S. troops view Capitol riots, racial protests equally, worrying Pentagon leaders

READ: Exclusive: Care home staff to face compulsory Covid vaccination

WATCH: Fauci Tells CNN he is afraid that if people hear Rand Paul, they will believe him.


THING 1 Gov. Greg Abbott Sounds the Alarm: Border Surge Is Now a ‘Disaster

THING 2 Pelosi on the Border: ‘Biden Administration Has This Under Control’

THING 3 Blackburn Says Border Situation ‘Outrageous’: Dems Have no Control

THING 4 MSNBC Goof Republicans Not Even Trying to Hide Their Racism Anymore

THING 5 ANOTHER MSNBC-Goof: Republicans Trying to ‘Out-Racist One Another




WATCH:  Ayanna Pressley says D.C. should become a state because of its high concentration of blacks

WATCH: CNN’s Sciutto Asks UN Official, Is U.S. ‘Part Of The Problem’ On White Nationalism



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