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Detectives release bus video showing Olympia stabbing

Warning: Video contains violent images

Surveillance video might hold clues to a double stabbing near an Olympia park Tuesday afternoon.

The video, from multiple angles, was recorded by an Intercity Transit bus, waiting at the curb near Sylvester Park. You can see a group of people, apparently chasing somebody in the street. At least one person in the group boards the bus and you can hear the driver yelling for him to “get off the bus.”

Washington State Patrol Sgt. Jason Hicks said the man seen boarding the bus is a suspect in a stabbing that happened earlier in the park.

“The suspect then fled the bus and was attacked by the group and during that attack he was beaten, and somewhere in there, he was stabbed,” said Hicks.

The video clearly shows the man who had boarded the bus being attacked and an obvious, large blood stain visible on his white shirt. Hicks said the 36-year-old man was hospitalized with a lacerated liver. The other stabbing victim, a 27-year old, was treated for his wounds and arrested on a bail-jumping warrant out of California.

It’s possible the two men stabbed each other. Detectives are considering the possibility that a third person was involved in the stabbings and they want people to view the video “to ask for the public’s help in identifying the other individuals that were involved,” said Hicks. They’ve set up a hotline (253-538-3100) asking for tips.

State Patrol detectives are investigating the crime because it originated in Sylvester Park, which is considered an extension of the State Capitol campus.

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