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Medved says ‘Million Maskless March’ is no joking matter

Many Floridians are protesting masks next week to mark “one year of mask tyranny in Broward County.” The Million Maskless March and Mask Burning is planned for April 10 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, according to Newsweek.

That and Florida’s governor opposes a vaccination passport. Gov. Ron DeSantis also doesn’t have a statewide mask mandate in effect.

KTTH’s Michael Medved, who’s lost a good friend to COVID-19 and has another friend very sick with the virus now, tells KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula Show it’s “not a joking matter.”

Listen to what Michael has to say about the return of baseball, the crisis at the U.S. border, and voting legislation in Georgia.


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