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Todd Herman Show Notes: 4.5.2021

Latest attack pushes US Capitol Police further toward crisis

DOWNLOAD: Todd Herman’s COVID Truth Resources


WATCH: Fmr. NYPD Detective Pat Brosnan: Capitol Attack ‘Straight Out of the ISIS Playbook’

READ: Ed Troyer’s post regarding recent political cartoon

READ: The Burien Voice on Facebook – Justice for Elizabeth and Eveona

READ: Andrew Bostom MD, MS on Twitter

READ: CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky – Unvaccinated children may still have a shot at a more normal summer

WATCH: Fauci: ‘Conceivable’ We’ll Have to Take Yearly Covid Shots

WATCH:  Netanyahu: “The vaccines we have, no one knows how long they last…We need to prepare for the worst scenario. The worst scenario is that we have to vaccinate every half year.


READ: Dori: Is state exaggerating COVID-19 death numbers?

LISTEN: Freedom Foundation reveals the causes of death marked as “Covid” by WA that were not deaths caused by Coronavirus.

READ: Zero flu deaths reported in Washington for first time

READ: Pfizer claims its COVID vaccine is safe, protective for 12-year-old kids and older

READ: MLB Boycotted Georgia a Day After Expanding China Deal

WATCH: EXPLAINED: ESG scores are why EVERY corporation is going WOKE

WATCH: Glenn Beck on Facebook

WATCH: CNBC EXCLUSIVE: Coca-Cola CEO says the restrictive Georgia voting law is “unacceptable…it is a step backward…”

READ: Beaking 911 on Twitter –

HIGHLIGHT: Raphael Warnock got Easter wrong.

THING 1 Fmr. NYPD Detective Pat Brosnan: Capitol Attack ‘Straight Out of the ISIS Playbook’

THING 2 MSNBC Hypes Biden’s Jim Crow Lies, Pushes Fake ‘Nonpartisan’ Experts

THING 3 CNN Lets Guest Smear GOP as a ‘Cult’ Over Voting Laws

THING 4 NBC & CBS to Georgia Companies: Give In to Left-Wing Demands or Else!


WATCH: CBS News: Suspect Dies After Ramming Car into Two Capitol Police Officers, Killing One

WATCH: Siraj Hashmi on Twitter –

WATCH: New court docs say George Floyd had “fatal level” of fentanyl in his system



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