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Ross: The attention on Georgia hid the fact that other states are worse

Stickers for voters after they have voted, sit on a table at a Cobb County voting location on Jan. 5, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images)

He admits it’s a political stunt, but it’s a pretty good one.

In response to Major League Baseball yanking the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to protest voter suppression in Georgia, State Representative Wes Cantrell posted on Facebook that he would be introducing a new voter suppression bill in the Georgia legislature – named after Joe Biden – that would further reform Georgia’s voting laws to match the voting laws in Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Which would mean – and I’ll just quote from his Facebook post:

Instead of having up to 19 days of early voting under the current Georgia law, there would be ZERO days of early voting JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

Instead of having no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia, you will have to be either be sick or disabled to vote absentee, JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

Instead of having plenty of secure drop boxes in Georgia, there will be no drop boxes JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

And finally, what Cantrell said is the “worst feature of all:”

“Instead of being able to vote in relative quiet in Georgia, your name will be announced out loud (and your party affiliation during a primary) so that your vote can be challenged by anyone in the precinct JUST LIKE DELAWARE!”

He’s not making that up. The rule is when you vote in person in Delaware, the poll worker speaks your name out loud – so anyone within earshot can challenge your right to vote.

It turns out that all the attention on Georgia hid the fact that other states ARE WORSE.

So – your move, Delaware. Of course, it’s just a joke, Delaware doesn’t have to do anything. It was first to sign the Constitution, so nobody tells Delaware what to do.

But wouldn’t it be fun if Delaware DID call his bluff? If Delaware DID change its laws to make it easier to vote? MLB would pretty much have to play next year’s All-Star Game in Wilmington. And then other states would take the hint until, one by one, every state made it easier to vote, and every state had an All-Star Game!

And what could be more American than that.

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