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New Amazon Fulfillment Center to open in Arlington

Packed orders move down a conveyor belt at the Amazon fulfillment center May 3, 2018, in Aurora, Colorado. (Photo by Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images)

A new Amazon Fulfillment Center is being built in Arlington, Wash., the company announced Thursday.

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The City of Arlington had been under a strict confidentiality agreement during the development permitting process. The development had been known as “Project Roxy.”

The building will be located at 172nd Street and 51st Avenue, south of the Arlington Airport in the city’s Cascade Industrial Center.

In January, while developers had not specified which company would be using the facility, neighbors were thinking that the size and scope was only suited for Amazon.

“There’s a lot of great people in these areas that are willing to work that do not want to drive down to south Snohomish County and King County,” said Arlington business owner Carlos Veliz at the time.

When it was still unknown who would be moving into the building, business owners and neighbors had also expressed to KIRO 7 TV that they were worried about the impact on traffic.

“If you’re gonna build, (then) build the roads — then do your building and make the money for your pockets,” said Kathy Usher, a nearby neighbor.

In addition to the new building, there will be street improvements that include a roundabout at 172nd Street and 43rd Avenue Northeast, and a new street to be built as an alternate to 172nd Street. There will also be improvements made to 51st Avenue and 43rd Avenue as part of the project development. The street improvements, the city said Thursday, are part of the project’s traffic mitigation fee.

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Construction begins next week, starting with the grading of the site. It will eventually house a five-story building for an Amazon Robotic Sortation/Fulfillment Center, where robotics will move products to workstations for workers to place customers’ orders items in containers. Workers will then package and process orders for shipment and delivery.

The new center in Snohomish County is expected to create about 1,000 jobs when it opens later this year.

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