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Medved: Biden should take advantage of bipartisan support of gun regulations


President Biden took executive steps on Thursday to crack down on “ghost guns,” homemade firearms that lack serial numbers used to trace them. They’re often purchased without a background check.

KTTH’s Michael Medved tells KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula that it’s generally a mistake to do things through executive order.

“They can be undone by the next president and it’s really not the way the Constitution is supposed to operate,” Michael said. “… And I really wish Biden would take advantage of that opportunity.”

Remarks by President Biden on gun violence prevention

Michael says there could actually be bipartisan support for the regulation of ghost guns if Democrats went to Congress with a bill.

Listen to Michael’s thoughts on gun regulation, voting rights in Georgia, and Mitch McConnell’s call for corporations to stay in their lane.

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