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When did Donald Trump change?

Well, Trump is heading to the Northwest and his supporters seem really excited about it.

But I still have trouble with Trump on one central issue; the way the man has lived his own life.

Donald Trump uses H-1B visas and rails against H-1B visas. He rails against the pay to play system but participated in it before he was running for President. Now Trump says it is wrong.

He wants to project strength but says wild things about the system being rigged; when it is the system that is benefiting him and may elect him. I have a lot of character concerns with Trump. And how do you get over the gap of a life spent doing things that someone now says they’ll put an end to?

Callers seem to get caught up in the emotion that Trump exudes; while some thinks he’s a realist in business and that he will pursue that tact with the country.

But I’ve yet to have a caller explain to me how a man who has spent his life bribing politicians can now say he is sickened by that. When did he change? And why? Did he really have a Conservative Saint Paul moment?

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