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Life-sized Noah’s Ark replica plans to sail into Seattle

A replica of Biblical proportions will soon sail into San Diego.

In its journey, it plans to visit Long Beach, San Francisco and Seattle.

The life-sized copy of Noah’s Ark will travel by barge from the Netherlands to Brazil this summer for the Olympic and Paralympic games, KFMB reported.

It will eventually dock in Southern California, the director of a Pasadena-based Christian foundation told KFMB.

After sailing into the San Diego harbor, it is scheduled to visit Long Beach, San Francisco and Seattle.

The five-deck ship was built by carpenter Johan Huibers as a religious attraction.

And while the story of the original Ark states it had animals loaded two-by-two, the replica includes life-sized model pairs of giraffes, elephants, crocodiles and many more animals.

It was created to be a museum and event center in partnership with the Ark of Noah Foundation.

The foundation’s director said the group would like to build Ark of Hope Centers in areas that need help, KFMB reported.

There is no timeframe for the Ark’s voyage to the United States.

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