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May 2021 Charity of the Month: Battlefield Addiction

Battlefield Addiction is a powerful organization that fights addiction strategically and effectively; and is dedicated to reconnecting the family, the addict and the community. They do so through the application of transformative teachings, in addition to building partnerships that make real solutions available to all. They strengthen and multiply their “Army” and resources by enrolling and uniting through their Family (and community) First Approach.

Family-First Approach: The work starts (and continues) with the family, typically Mom and Dad, long before they meet your loved one, who is struggling with addiction.

What is Battlefield Coffee House?

Battlefield Coffee House is their community project and a pathway to make the impact they are here to make, in addiction. All proceeds, sales, donations through the Coffee House keep their doors open and support their Baristas/Team members, who serve in exchange for their treatment and sober living costs.

This space is not just a coffee shop, but a “space for exploration and creation”, a training ground so-to-speak, for the Battlefield Addiction movement to grow and expand.

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