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Homeless encampment school, suitcase
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Dad tells Dori he wants homeless encampment near school gone

A locked gate surrounding a North Seattle homeless encampment. (Deedee Sun, KIRO 7)

The father of a student at Broadview-Thomson K-8 in Seattle says enough is enough and that he wants Seattle Public Schools to clear out a nearby homeless encampment.

Ryle Goodrich tells KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson school leaders are putting politics before the safety of the children.

“They’re trying to ingratiate themselves with very extreme people out there in order to make themselves appealing Seattle City council candidates, but they’re just disregarding the safety and well being of our students while doing that,” Goodrich said.

The Seattle School Board has argued that it is inhumane to remove the encampment.

Broadview-Thompson went into lockdown Tuesday afternoon when a homeless man was found with a pellet gun, according to KTTH’s Jason Rantz Show.

Goodrich said the situation was a traumatic event for the kids, even if nothing happened on school grounds.

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