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Emily Cross...

(Photo courtesy Bryan C. Parker)

(Photo courtesy Bryan C. Parker)

Cross Record’s  Emily Cross decamped from Chicago two years ago to Drippings Springs, TX, where she now lives on an 18 acre ranch with a chicken coop, located next to a bird sanctuary. Interacting and adapting to new environments is a theme that permeates her smoky, atmospheric sophomore album, Wabi-Sabi. It’s a record that can be unsettling and loud with a dark intensity of booming drums, thick guitar and destabilized electronics, but also more contemplative and serene emphasizing Cross’ wispy, silvery singing and minimal presentation.

I had the chance to chat with Emily Cross in advance of her show at the Vera Project this coming Wednesday, May, 11th.

the mixtape: What are you doing right now besides answering this question?

Cross Record: Currently I’m riding in our RV on the way to Lawrence, KS..listening to the radio with 2 dogs at my feet. I just heard that there is a big storm system coming up through where we are traveling, potentially spawning powerful tornadoes. I happen to be borderline phobic when it comes to tornadoes, so…not feeling great right now.

tm: I absolutely love your song “Lemon”.  Tell me about your decision to include that wave of drone (synth?) sound flowing beneath the song.   It helps add a sense of eeriness to the track.  Was it an afterthought or an immediate choice?

CR: If I remember correctly, I started with the keyboard sound. It’s a vocal sample, actually.

tm: Who is the main subject of your video for “Lemon”?  What was the conversation that was taking place between the man on screen and someone who is off camera?

CR: I don’t know who that is. The video was made without my knowledge and later showed to me…so I know just about as much as you do!

tm: What are you most excited about with the release of your new album, Wabi-Sabi?

CR: Pretty typical answer, but..

I’m just enjoying traveling and playing the songs for people…experiencing people’s reactions.

tm: What have you learned to stop doing so as to not hinder your growth or your optimism for the future re: Cross Record?

CR: I haven’t learned to stop doing anything yet.

I keep telling myself I need to be more positive after shows I don’t feel great about (which is almost every show), but that’s a difficult thing to overcome for me, personally.

tm: The album cover for Wabi-Sabi features two scorpions facing each other.  What is the story behind this photo?  Also, are you a fan of the band, Scorpions?

CR: We found those scorpions like that in our bathtub one afternoon.

I snapped a photo and..that’s the story!

I’m sad to say that I’m not too familiar with the band Scorpions..but I like the name.

tm: If Cross Record was an action figure, what accessories would you have?

CR: A flashlight and 2 dogs.


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