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Avoid the Highway to Hell; take rock ‘n roll train to AC/DC in Tacoma

For “Those About To Rock” Tuesday night at the AC/DC show in Tacoma, you know that the driving and parking situation “Ain’t No Fun” and can turn into a “Highway To Hell.”

So while it’s OK to “Rock Your Heart Out” just don’t get “Caught With Your Pants Down” when it’s time to go home.

In the “Nick of Time,” Tacoma Link has decided to run two extra hours in an effort to encourage AC/DC concert-goers to “Ride On.”

The last train will depart the Tacoma Dome at 11:48 p.m. and don’t forget, “Moneytalks.” A round trip fare will max out at $6.

Keep in mind, after ordering “Whiskey on the Rocks,” it’s always a good idea to skip driving your own “Wheels” and take the “Rock ‘n Roll Train.”

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