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Mobile Food Rodeo corralling best of Seattle food trucks

The organizer of the Mobile Food Rodeo gave KIRO Radio's Seattle Kitchen Show a preview of the event. (Image courtesy Facebook - Mobile Food Rodeo)

Tired of chasing your favorite food trucks around town? For one day only all the best food trucks in Seattle will be in one spot.

Mobile Food Rodeo organizer Ryan Reiter joined KIRO Radio’s Seattle Kitchen to give a preview of the event coming to Fremont May 5.

Reiter says they’re making sure it’s just the mobile food cream of the crop this year. There will be about 35 Seattle food trucks in attendance.

The event is free for the public, except for the food. Food truck offerings vary from $2.25 to around $12, but there are also $5 items meant to make multiple samplings more affordable.

“We have changed something this year where every food truck has to create a $5 menu item,” says Reiter. “A lot of people have said, ‘Hey I really want to go to this event, but I can only eat from one or two trucks because of the serving size.'”

“It should be more like a sampler of things that they want to eat.”

This year’s program will also include some special events in observance of the Cinco de Mayo holiday. There will be a taco truck showdown, with five trucks battling it out. There will also be a margarita bar and dueling mariachi bands.

“They’re going to create one-of-a-kind signature tacos that they haven’t been serving anywhere else.”

The emphasis for all the trucks is to create dishes not generally available in their service so rodeo goers get a taste of some unique fare.

Reiter warns there will be some lines, but they do have some VIF (Very Important Foodie) passes for a fee. He also suggests making a group attack to take advantage of as many of the flavors you can.

“Bring like five to seven people, you all pick a couple trucks, you go to that truck, you come back, and then you all just have a good time.”

Learn more about the Mobile Food Rodeo at their website.

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