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Todd Herman Show Notes 6.7.2021

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty denounced Oregon Concrete Solutions for displaying pro-police emblem while working on the city's dime

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READ: Rantz: Seattle Public Schools lies to state, tries to keep deadly homeless encampment intact

READ: Hardesty, Blue Lives Matter firm clash over Portland contract

WATCH: GOP lawmakers go after critical race theory in schools. But what is critical race theory?

READ: Neuroscience Professor Removed From APA Discussion After Saying There Are Only Two Sexes

WATCH:  364b Soundbites for Media Masculists, Part 2 (Masculism MGTOW)

WATCH: CBS News on Twitter

READ: The Great Unmasking of the COVID-Origin Coverup Scheme Continues

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READ: Report: Child younger than 10 dies from COVID-19 complications in eastern Washington

READ: COVID hospitalizations are rising in 12-17 year old children – except they aren’t. The CDC’s own data contradicts this.

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READ: US District Court of Southern California declares banning AR-15’s unconstitutional.

WATCH: Remarkable moment plays out on CBS as John Rahm finds out he’s tested positive for COVID-19 while leading the tournament by six strokes

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WATCH: Remembering Michael Jordan’s flu game | NBA on ESPN

WATCH: Michael Jordan’s Flu Game | SportsCenter | ESPN Archive


READ: Man shot, killed in attempted carjacking in SoDo neighborhood

WATCH: ‘Will my baby make it?’ Mom shares terrifying account of her infant son shot

READ: Rantz: Judge Marcus Naylor released homeless suspect in dog murder, who just skipped hearing, is at-large

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WATCH: Health experts say masks are here to stay

WATCH: NBC Fears Fauci ‘Under Fire From Conservatives’ After ‘Out of Context’ Emails

READ: Naomi Wolf on Twitter – “I think it’s time to bring up the name of Ralph Baric, of Baric Labs, in this discussion over therapeutic treatments

WATCH:  SKY NEWS AU: “India is crushing COVID with Ivermectin


THING 1  Slimy CNN Spews Hate: GOP Must Suppress Non-Whites in Order to Win

THING 2  ABC Reporter Shocked Pro-Abortion Teen Isn’t Getting More Hate From Right . . .

THING 3  ESPN’s Smith Loses His Mind Over Celtics Promoting a White Coach

THING 4 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent beard shavings to Azealia Banks so she could make an amulet to protect him from ISIS

THING 5 Laura Loomer Heckles Jack Dorsey for Censorship During a Bitcoin Event


READ: Girl, 13, Pleads Guilty to Murdering D.C. Uber Eats Driver During Carjacking

WATCH: North Kingstown Mom Nicole Solas: “They smear people who ask them questions, who disagree with them”

WATCH: ‘You Work for Me’: NY Mom Scorches School Board Over Critical Race Theory

READ: G-7 nations reach historic deal on global tax reform

READ: Microsoft Censors ‘Tank Man’ Image in Search Results

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